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Conferences : Get Knowledge from Expert

We can answer many questions like how we should improve ourselves and what is expected from young engineers like us thanks to companies and speakers which we will host. At the same time we can introduce ourselves and our university to sector.

Technical Trips : See the Sector

We organize technical trips  that we can see what is happening in the industry and explore how to be a real engineer.

Trainings : Improve Yourself

Except lessons that we receive during the year, we organize technical courses to prepare ourselves better for engineering.

Great Meetings : Meet New People and Network

Marmara Region Meeting, which is held three times a year in which all the schools of the IEEE in the Marmara Region participate and which hosts approximately 500 students, aims to bring together the students coming from many schools is of great importance for IEEE.

We, as IEEE KOU, previously hosted the 3rd Marmara Region Meeting of 2015 and during the planning process of this event we had the opportunity to get in touch with more than 150 companies. The event process gave us the skills of crisis management, group management and planning.